5 Rules for a Freelance Logo Designer

//5 Rules for a Freelance Logo Designer

5 Rules for a Freelance Logo Designer

Majority of the designers are the ones who want to work from the comfort of their home. They want to have freedom so that they can develop the logo designs as their own bosses. Many freelance designers want to work following their terms and conditions.

Nevertheless, despite their working from home, they have a history of producing logos that are of high quality. The freelance designers follow some rules which help them in having a successful career. Here are some of the rules that they follow.

Have a vast concept choice

When working on a logo design a lot of freelance designers use only one concept when working on the logo. It would be great if as a logo designer you have a lot of concepts to choose from when commencing the design work. You should have a minimum of 4 concepts to work with that are different.

Follow professional guidance

Talking to your colleagues who are also in the logo industry is important when creating a logo design. You can also get motivation from the best graphic designer in your vicinity. As a freelancer, it’s important for you to communicate and keep in touch with other freelancers and experts. This will help you in knowing some of the new current trends in design. You can also open a Facebook account, post your logo designs and let your followers comment on them. Their comments will let you know about how they view it and if it needs some changes.

Keep your logo design simple

One advice that you will be given by each expert in the graphic design industry is to keep your logo simple. A logo which is simple is also easy to understand. Each prospective client can understand the logo if it’s in a website or business card. If a design is too complicated, then the viewers will ignore it as it takes up much of their time in trying to understand it.

Use fonts to add personality to your logo design

Nowadays logo designs have access to a lot of fonts that are of high quality. You can even get elegant fonts for free or at a fee. One of the purposes of fonts is to give character to a logo. If you want to know the personality of a logo check its typeface or fonts.


Freelance logo designers are their own bosses, but they should follow guidelines when creating logos. The guidelines help them to create logos that are simple and unique.

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