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5 Places to Download Logos For Free

According to scientific evidence, people always remember what they see than what they heard. Turning to business, branding is the difficult part. You need to create a super brand for you to remain relevant in the long run. Considering the above fact, your brands must have a visual aspect. How do you achieve this requirement? Well, a business logo is a right answer. Your logo carries the visual identity of your business. However, having one is not an easy task.

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Most logo makers and logo creators offer you an opportunity to build one but to download or save it, you have to pay some amount. By this, they do not solve your logo problem particularly when budgetary limitations are a pain in your back. In helping you get a great logo and download it for free, this article provides you with five places to do that:


As a Facebook user or any other social media, you are familiar to Canva. Apart from it being a free logo maker, it doubles it with zero charges to download. Unlike other top-ranking makers, Canva offers you an opportunity to download high-resolution images of your logo. Also, you can get them in different formats such as PDF, JPEG, and PNG. So, when the budget is not a smiling aspect in your business, Canva can be your lifesaver.  

Online Logo Maker

Sometimes, logo generators and makers ask you to create accounts to use them. This element might be annoying to you. You do not want to keep on sharing your emails and data which will lead to spamming of your email. If this is you, Online Logo Maker is the best bet for you. This online based website gives you an opportunity to create and download your logo without having to sign up. Also, it offers you a choice between uploading your images or using the ones availed. This way it harnesses your logo designing process. Within a few minutes, you can complete a winning logo and download it.

Logo Genie

Are you looking for a simple and user-friendly interface? Logo Genie is such a platform. This web-based logo maker makes your creation process a breeze. All you need is to type your business name, and the site will display a wide range of logos. Your task will be to choose your perfect option, tweak it until it aligns with your desires and preferences, and download it. This process does not need any technical knowledge or expertise. Hence, within a short period, you will have a great logo to use in your business branding and representation affairs.

Design Mantic

Logo making can be a tricky game for first-timers. You do not know what to involve or put in place in your logo. However, this should no longer stress you. Design Mantic is a newbie friendly platform. It takes you through the logo designing process from scratch to downloading. You will learn a lot of ideas that will enable you to build a logo for your next business with simplicity. However, the catch is you can only download your logo for free if you pay some subscription fee.